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his, he looked at Wendy, “The long voyage should make her exhausted. Let’s take her to take a shower and rest for a while. The house is arranged in the Witch Building. As for the precautions related to magic, I’ll leave it to you to teach, okay?” “Of course,” she smiled, “as you wish.” (To be continued.) Text Chapter 369 The pool in the changing bathroom was steaming hot. Wendy spread the wet soap all over the girl’s body, including behind her ears, underarms, and between her fingers. Seeing the smudges slide down with the foam, revealing the delicate skin underneath, she felt unprecedented satisfaction. I haven’t experienced this kind of feeling for a long time. When the Gongzhuhui fled, every new witch who panicked or fell into despair restored peace under her care and rekindled hope for a better life. . This is the case with Leaf, Lily, and Nightingale, but since coming to Border Town, the life of the witch has changed drastically. Everyone does not need to worry about survival anymore-she is not saying that this is bad, but also very grateful. All that Roland did for the sisters was that there was no witch who needed to be taken care of, and even Miyue became cheerful, which made Wendy feel a little disappointed. Now, she finally relived the joy of being a big sister. “Close your eyes, I want to rush.” ??”Yeah,” the other party’s voice was light and soft, like drops of water falling from grass blades. I have to say that this decision of His Highness is really great. The water ran across the girl’s hair and over her back, taking away the gray-brown foam. The color of the water did not return to normal until after three rinses. Without the cover of clothes, her thin body was completely reflected in Wendy’s eyes. A really thin child, Wendy couldn’t help but think that a section of protruding spine could be seen on the back. The arm was so thin that one hand could hold it. The skin was not white, but the pale yellow and white caused by long-term hunger. The name “Paper” does not match. Fortunately, she is a wit