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leaves.” Before feelings, it was not an illusion that I was walking in a huge creature, but just a “giant creature.” After replacing it with Leaf, Roland’s heart suddenly tightened, “She won’t be unable to recover, right.” “As long as I remove the ability, I can return to normal state,” Leaf’s voice suddenly rang. But if you listen carefully, it is not she who is speaking, but a mixture of the rustle of leaves and the rubbing of branches. The other party’s answer made Roland a little relieved, “Can you hear us?” “Not only can you hear, but you can also see, smell, and touch,” the leaves looked very happy, “I can feel the garden Any change, including birds building nests on branches and bugs crawling on tree trunks, is hard to describe in words. Master Tilly is right. I am now the garden itself, from the moment you walk in here. , I noticed you.” As he said, a huge rolled leaf fell from the smallpox to Roland’s hand, slowly blooming, and there was a cup of purple liquid inside. The cup is made of four olive leaves overlapping, and the petiole forms the cup ears, which looks small and exquisite. Roland picked up the glass and took a sip, and found that it was actually a newly brewed wine with a refreshing sweetness in the slightly sour. It seems that both drinks and containers come from this garden. Roland drank the other party’s “toast”, walked to the bonfire, and sat on the plant bench with great interest-its support is thick bark branches, and the chair surface and backrest are covered with a thick layer of wheat leaves. The sofa is average. There is a barbecue stand by the campfire, and Andrea is grilling apples and corn for everyone. There is no doubt that these are all taken from the garden on-site. “How did you do it all of? “The prince raised his head and asked. “I don’t know the process very well,” the voice responded quickly, “I just take care of the newly planted crops and your flying messenger as usual, and practice my abilities by the way-and they responded to me. Call. This may be the path of inte