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ily so rich? He suddenly remembered that the treasure map was also pulled out from this room. There is a circle of boxes around the stone room. The layout is not much different from the scene in memory. Sir Sylt took out a bunch of keys and opened the largest wooden box. With the creaking sound of opening the box, the house suddenly There was a cloud of dust. Film held his breath and looked into the box-it was divided into several layers, similar to the dressing box used by noble ladies, each layer was placed with gems of different colors. This is the legacy of that ancestor? “I haven’t been here for a long time,” Sir sighed. “Every time I see these magic stones, I think of the heavy past that my ancestors said.” “Magic stones?” Ferryn said in surprise. “Yes, precious items that only witches can use,” he nodded, “this is a very long story. Our family is built under the protection of a witch.” Father began to tell the history of the family’s origins, and son The content I have heard was different. The first Sirte ancestor did not come from the West, but the barren land after the desperate mountains. Ferryn’s eyes gradually widened. He didn’t expect such an amazing secret hidden behind the portrait. The founder of the family, the ancestor of Agatha, together with many other witches, built a huge kingdom. In the kingdom, they are in a dominant position, similar to the current aristocracy, but the kingdom’s demise is due to the attack of the hell devil. In the last battle, the survivors fled in all directions. Agatha took a group of people to the stone tower in the hidden forest to get experimental supplies, and another group followed the army to Greycastle—the Kingdom Continent at that time. It’s just a barren and desolate area. “The ancestors are in another group?” Ferryn asked dryly. “Yes, he is the steward of the witch. It stands to reason that he should go to the forest with her, but he flinched and offered to stay and take care of the supplies, and the witch
. “Sir said solemnly, “You should know what this me