!” “He scolded. After the other party bab

?” “Are you sure she is a witch?” Peiro ignored the boy and continued to ask the woman. “That’s right, my lord, don’t be fooled by the performances in the theater. If the church is still there, they can’t tolerate nonsense on the stage. This beast is also a little devil. I am punishing her for the church, my lord, Strangle her quickly, so that it won’t let the breath of hell Spread to Long Song City! “Say the point!” “He scolded. After the other party babbled endlessly, Peiro finally figured out the cause and effect. It turned out that after the church was burned down by Tiffico, she and some other believers organized spontaneously to continue preaching and praying in the outer city. , Waiting for the Holy City of Hermes to send new priests to rebuild the Westland Church. As for this time, it was a coincidence that the girl was hit by her when she used her ability to remove snow from the residents’ roofs, and she had the scene she saw before. Women also repeatedly complained about the absurdity of the content taught in elementary education, and the theater’s upside-down performances, which made nearby onlookers only dared to catch the boy, but few people were willing to help themselves hang this nasty devil. Her body should have been hung under the beams of the room. These hateful words made Peiro’s eyebrows jump. “Take her back and interrogate her,” he told the knight, “This time you will stay in the fortress. When I come back, I hope to see that all believers who have something to do with her have been imprisoned. “What not!” My lord, how could you be like this—” Before the woman finished speaking, the knight slapped her protests back into her stomach. “Are you really a witch? “Then Pei Luo looked at the scared little girl, “show it to me.” The latter knelt on the ground softly without any response. Peiro shook his head, raised his voice and repeated, “If you can prove that you are a real witch, I can let you go. “After a while, the girl cowered and stretched her hands into the snow. Soon, the nearly palm-t