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falsely claim that witches have been swallowed by demons, which is actually quite wrong. As long as you keep practicing your own abilities, you can increase your magic capacity without worrying about its effects on your body. If you awakened as a witch two years ago, you should have passed the first awakening day, it should be very painful. The girl nodded twice. “Don’t worry, since you’re in Border Town, everything will be fine,” Wendi comforted, “If you practice hard, this year’s Awakening Day should be easy. As he said, the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open, and Lily ran in with a towel in her hand, “I heard that a new sister has arrived?” Where is it? Mystery Moon said I really want to see it! “Obviously you want to see if it is good!” “Then Miyue, who was pulled in, rolled her eyes, “I will take a shower now, what if I have to practice my ability in the afternoon.” “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you take a day off. Your Royal Highness will not trouble you. You are not Miss Anna.” “You traitor!” When Bai Zhi saw the two breaking in, his head suddenly shrank and half buried in the water. “Oh, this is the new witch?” Lily lay beside the bath, looking at her with interest, “It seems to be about the same age as me, but you can still call my sister. “Why do you want to call your sister about as big as you,” Mystery yelled, “I didn’t see you calling me like that.” “They are all the witches of Border Town,” Wendy introduced with a smile, “Don’t look at them now, when they first arrived here, they were basically the same as you, especially Mystery Moon, not much bolder than you. , Speak softly. “Ahem, I’m worried that your Highness dislikes my poor ability,” Miyue muttered. “His Royal Highness has told me many times that your ability has great potential to be tapped,” Wendy shook his head, “Just learn.” After “Elementary Physics”, maybe you can evolve abilities beyond imagination. “” Don’t mention those books, she didn’t even understand all the words, and she just passed the last test,” Lily shrugged, “I wil