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ncealed. Roland was suffocated by her active inquiry. Why did she suddenly feel a sense of guilty conscience in her heart? “Uh, are you busy at work recently?” “No, why do you ask?” Soraya dialed the tip of her forehead, “There have been a lot fewer people who have gone to work in the factory recently. I just use Half a day The coating coverage can be completed in a short time, so the alchemist Mr. Kaymo was busy making those strange metal boxes,” she paused and smiled, “but compared to staying in the mutual aid club camp In the days, I prefer to live a fulfilling life like this, and I am very happy that my ability can help you. “Well, this smile is so dazzling. Roland couldn’t help but feel a hint of guilt, “Ahem, I called you to draw some new cards.” “More Gwent decks?” “No, you are probably tired of those things,” he waved his hand. “After all, the rules are very simple. If you know the opponent’s hole cards, there won’t be much change. “Yeah, too” “Look, the new card face is like this. It’s very simple.” Roland drew out a piece of white paper and drew a rough sketch, “divided into four suits, then counted from one to thirteen, and finally Add another king and queen, for a total of fifty-four cards. Soraya’s abilities have improved a lot now. Using the sketch as the base, she quickly drew a hard-coated card, “How can I play this?” “There are many ways to play it, but let’s start with the simple ones.” Roland tried the feel of poker, and immediately found the feeling before crossing. During the New Year, the most common thing a family does is sitting in a fire barrel. , Watching the Spring Festival Gala, playing poker all night, until the firecrackers are lit during the day to welcome the arrival of the New Year. Compared with another traditional entertainment mahjong, poker does not require any venue, a board can be started on the lap, and the gameplay is rich. Probably it can be regarded as the most popular game in the world. “Go and call Anna,” Roland laughed, “I teach you to fight the landlords. “(To be co