Buckland tugged his sleeve tightly, and I swear I knew what a normal spider should look like! But sand spiders really have no reproductive organs! Really? Richard’s face was suspicious. After all, Buckland is usually reliable. If Nehru is replaced, Richard must have gone. It’s true! The old white tiger almost swears by the heavens. Make it clear that some sand spiders do not have reproductive organs, or all sand spiders do not have reproductive organs? The relaxed smile on Lord Lord’s face disappeared instantly. This question is critical. One end can also be pushed to deformity, but if all of them are like this, it is not accidental to explain, it is inevitable. I checked the bones of hundreds of sand spiders. Without exception, they have no reproductive organs. When Buckland saw him finally getting serious, he was finally relieved, and so on, it is very unlikely that other sand spiders have reproductive organs. With so many sand spiders, it is impossible to change out of thin air. Richard frowned and lost his thoughts. Yes, it can’t be changed out of thin air. The old white tiger has grief. The two did not speak for a while, only heard the breeze blowing over the leaves and rustling. Seeing how they both looked, other people knew that they must be discussing things and tacitly set aside peace. From a distance faintly heard the laughter of the vassals, and after overcoming the initial fear, they found a simple harvest pleasure. Sand spiders have survived from ancient times to today, which shows that there must be some way to reproduce. Richard gave a light foot to the ground and kicked up a few wet and rotting leaves. I think so too. Buckland nodded and slowly put his arm on the trunk. They must have a way to reproduce, but ordinary sand spiders do not participate in this process. It sounds like a bee or an ant. Richard picked up a brown ant from the rough tree trunk. This kind of ant is a specialty of the late forest. It is amazing in size, as long as a small melon seed, but it is completely vegetar