sneakily, and there were quite a few people who wanted to take the opportunity to get some extra money. The upper ranks of the Expeditionary Army chose to turn a blind eye to this. After all, the one-month siege was too hard, and strict military discipline at this time would inevitably be a little unkind. This is the Ring of Sky and Thunder? Richard stood in a showroom, holding a bracelet-sized ivory ring in his hand. To be honest, he really couldn’t believe that such a thing that didn’t even have a magic crystal in it would be a magical equipment. Absolutely! It was obvious that the light in the room was already dim, but Dracula was holding his gloomy eye, as if looking directly at the sun. He can see the light that ordinary people can’t see, the more precious the item, the brighter the light, and the strong light in front of him at this moment makes him unable to open his eyes at all! Ok. It’s a pity that Qiqiu is not there, otherwise you can try it on the spot. Richard smacked his lips regretfully, and the little thing seemed to be a little angry since he was ejected from the wall and started. Lord Lord originally planned to bring it with him, so I didn’t find it for a long time. As time passed, the last remaining glow of the day also fell below the horizon with the sun. No one noticed, at the same time the sun disappeared. In the soft mud, in the ditch, or even in the dry toilet pit, a pale palm suddenly appeared. Chapter 157 unexpectedly discovers that since the target has been reached, Richard returns with Hendra. The sky was already very dim, Lord Lord did not speak all the way to meditate on his thoughts, of course Dracula could only follow along as a dumb, leaving a series of footsteps on the cold street. For Richard himself, the biggest obsession of this expedition was the ring of sky and thunder, and now he has already carried it in his pocket and is considered to have got his wish. Since the city of Winter has been captured, the Pompeii Expeditionary Force should not make any major moves